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We are looking forward to once again celebrating public Mass on Sundays and on weekdays. This will be done cautiously and in keeping with the directives of the Scottish Government.
We have measured both Churches and with the 2 metre distancing rule in mind in both St. Columba’s and in St. James’ we are able to have a maximum of 40 people present in the Church.
Always we must make our priority to keep everyone safe as well as following government guidelines.
We will commence our celebration of weekday masses on Thursday 23rd July. This is to enable us to put all safeguarding measures in place.
We will celebrate Mass in St. Columba’s on a Tuesday and a Friday.
In St. James’ we will celebrate Mass on a Monday and a Thursday. Eventually we will also celebrate Mass on a Saturday morning.
Week day masses will be celebrated at 10am.
We will celebrate our first Sunday masses on Sunday 26th July.
Mass in St. James will be celebrated at 10.30am
Mass in St. Columba’s will be celebrated at 11.30am.
On the 8th August there might be a vigil mass in St Columba’s at 5.00 pm and a night mass in St James’s on 9th August at 6.00pm.
In order to attend Mass it is necessary to book. We will be using the Eventbrite booking system.
We ask that you use this system where possible. We will also allow a small number of places to be booked by telephone.
The Eventbrite booking system will be available on a Tuesday evening. You may book for each of the Masses for the following week, that is, from Thursday until Tuesday. There will not be a Mass on Wednesdays.
We ask that you also book by telephone on a Tuesday evening between 7pm and 8pm. A total of 6 places per Mass may be
This will be constantly reviewed and if necessary it will be changed.
Details will be posted on the websites for both St. James’ and St. Columba’s over on Tuesday.
I would ask that we are cautious over next few weeks. Our priority must be to keep safe.
I would also ask that for the first few weeks each person who wishes to come to Mass would come only once a week. This will enable as many people as possible to be able to come.
I would also ask that if you are able to come during a week day please do so, in order to free up Sunday places for those who are only able to attend Mass on a Sunday.
If you are shielding, please follow the Government guidelines.
When coming to Mass please bring a face mask.
Please remember that the toilets are out of use in both St. Columba’s and St. James’ for the foreseeable future.
Below are guidelines which we have received from the Diocesan Office. Please read them.
1. Sunday & Weekday Mass
1.1. Please remember that this is a phased process and that you are not obliged to do anything until you have the proper stewarding and sanitisation measures in place and until you, as parish priest, are comfortable with the preparations that you have made and are sure that you are ready to move into the next phase. Please be assured that Bishop John will support you in any decisions that you make with regard to your parish.
1.2. From Wednesday 15th July, Mass with a congregation MAY be celebrated in the Diocese of Paisley. The proper physical distancing, stewarding and sanitisation measures must be in place and you must be able to record the presence of all participants at Mass
1.3. The maximum number of people for any Mass in Church will be 50 (apart from Funerals, see below at 2).
1.4. As Parish Priest you are free to decide whether to celebrate Mass each day from Wednesday, or on some days, or to wait until Sunday for your first public Mass.
1.5. To help with your forward planning you are reminded, and may remind your people, that priests are not permitted to celebrate Mass more than once each day. We have the faculty, for a just cause, to celebrate Mass twice on a weekday or Sunday and for a pastoral necessity may celebrate a third Mass on a Sunday or Holyday of Obligation. Therefore, any individual priest may celebrate, at most, three Masses on Sunday and two on a weekday, but the general rule is one Mass per day (CIC. canon 905).
2. Funerals
2.1. From Wednesday it is permitted to have a maximum congregation of 20 at a Funeral Mass in the Church.
3. People who are shielding
A very delicate issue is that not all our parishioners will be able to return to Church. Those who are SHIELDING according to Scottish Government guidance should not return to Church until the Government advises them that it is safe to do so.
In addition, the following parishioners should follow Scottish Government advice about whether or not to come to Church:
  • Parishioners who are aged 70 or over
  • Women who are pregnant
  • Those who receive the flu jab for medical reasons
Please be patient, we are all on a steep learning curve and our priority must be to keep everyone safe.
Fr. John

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